In the past almost all business-to-business marketing research issues were addressed in a piecemeal sub-optimized fashion. Studies were done on segmentation, positioning or pricing.  These were separate studies both in time and in the subjects of the research. Nobody had the complete, integrated data set to really understand what specific customers needed and were willing to pay for.  This was inefficient, but more importantly, management teams rarely had sufficient market intelligence to develop confident quality business action plans.    But even the most complete market intelligence by itself is also insufficient.  The purpose of Your-Marketing-Toolkit is to provide marketing insight from the market intelligence.  It enables the strategic planning procedures to be fully utilized. 


Your-Marketing-Toolkit first provides broad, timely, integrated, and complete market intelligence. And then it encourages you to get as much out of this intelligence as feasible. It allows one to "see" a new revenue opportunity that was not visible before the business insights that Your-Marketing-Toolkit provides. It may also help to understand that this is a disruptive technology (or business model) that allows individual business leaders to obtain incredible understanding of their market situation intelligence in an affordable manner to make decisions that were not possible before.


Your-Marketing-Toolkit is truly yours.  It is developed with your business leadership.  General approaches and templates provide a framework for exploring your markets and help direct voice-of-the-customer activities.  Your-Marketing-Toolkit itself captures your customers’ market conditions in the perspective of your needs.  Each of Your-Marketing-Toolkits is unique and is proprietary.  You own Your-Marketing-Toolkit, with the associated market data and questionnaire.  You also dictate how it functions and to a great extent how new Your-Marketing-Toolkit approaches will develop over-time.


Customer Benefits




Your-Marketing-Toolkits are built in Microsoft Excel without additional add-ins.  They are organized as a series of charts and table placed into interlinked spreadsheets.   Included in the workbook is the supporting marketing research data.  Input Data Sheets are provided to enter the marketing research data, characteristics, and the competitive intelligence.

Your-Marketing-Toolkit is not an end-point creation.  It grows, it is customized and it changes to meet the varying needs and distinction of busi­nesses and their competitive situations.  While the “look and feel” of the toolkits is intended to remain consistent, the set of tools and the information sources will vary.   Learn more about the Your- Marketing-Toolkit with the following notes:

·        The Four Truths of Market Intelligence

·        The 12 Marketing Research Myths

·        Enabling Methods

·        Why Your-Marketing-Toolkit Now?


Applications of the toolkits vary widely from fairly simple applications in the early planning and evaluation of new products to the more complex issues of planning a product launch and the repositioning of existing products and businesses.  Your-Marketing- Toolkit is designed to provide comprehensive assistance to marketing actions.  Here are discussion of how Your-Marketing-Toolkit provides the guidance and insights for specific issues:

·        How Should We Price Our Products?

·        What Should be Our Value Proposition?

·        How Should We Segment Our Market?

·        How to Build-in Total Marketing Quality?

·        How Do We Find New Opportunities?

·        How Should We Design Our Next Products?

·        What is this Business Worth?

·        How Should We Market Our New Product?

·        How to Create a Market War-Room?

·        How Can We Delight Our Customers?


Custom Decision Support, LLC provides services for the development and support of Your-Marketing-Toolkit in an effective and efficient process. For further information and comments please contact:

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