Enabling Doctrines and Methods

There are many management and market planning doctrines that are now widely available.  These are planning approaches, each which proclaims the solution to the business situation by focusing on particular issues and uses specific methods.  Many of these have been widely adopted with almost a religious fervor.  These doctrines include such standards as “Customer Satisfaction” and and Six Sigma.  They are all “good” doctrines in that they can help in identify potentially effective actions and can provide new directions.  However, none have been found to be universal in that they provide “the complete solution” to all marketing and management problems.  Rarely can the marketing situation be handled by only one of the doctrines.  But they are all valuable tools resting on the need to understand the marketplace in their own way. 

The doctrines must serve the business action process.  Which of the doctrines are selected must be the choice of the management team.  Market intelligence that is gathered should encompass a broad range of these doctrines.  Your-Marketing-Toolkit is designed to enable these doctrines by providing market-insight tools to empower them.  The toolkit concept is evergreen in regards to new doctrines.  As new approaches and required charts and analyses arise, the toolkit is made not only to accommodate them but to expand their use.  Your-Marketing-Toolkit is a window into the use of many doctrines. 

Your Marketing Toolkit has been adapted to enable the following doctrines:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value Maps
  • Market Positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Net Promoter Scoring
  • Optimum Pricing
  • Outcomes Driven Research
  • Brand Equity Metrics
  • Market Orientation
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Sales Focus Analysis
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Emotion & Brand Image Analysis
  • New Product Blueprinting
  • Marketplace Forecasting
  • Innovation Processes
  • “Conjoint” Analysis
  • Kano
  • Future Business History
  • Value Analysis
  • Risk Analysis


For each Toolkit can provide the specific charts and tables required.  Your-Marketing- Toolkit, however, goes further.  Your-Marketing-Toolkit is designed to provide a broad interactive decision support system.  It allows for the application of these charts to segments and provides a means of testing concepts.  Since Your-Marketing-Toolkit is developed with close, long-term relationships with our clients or more appropriately “patrons,” these tools are continuously improved.  They are “enhanced” charts, greatly improving their use beyond that often originally contemplated by the proponents of the doctrines.