Your-Marketing-Toolkit! Why Now?

Your-Marketing-Toolkit provides the most effective means of obtaining market intelligence and using that intelligence to development successful market actions. The need for quality marketing intelligence and its potential impact on business results has been well recognized for many years. This has been particularly known in the case of business-to-business markets. Then why is Your-Marketing-Toolkit only now possible. It is due to the convergence of three disruptive technologies and processes. These are the vastly improved Information Systems capability, new marketing research methods and the development of effective strategic planning processes or doctrines.











Your-Marketing-Toolkit relies on the existence of powerful personal computing. This comes from both the new generation computers and the existence of a universally available decision support platform, Microsoft Excel. Excel is an advanced spreadsheet system delivering interactive decision support while providing open and complete access to the underlying data and methods. Furthermore, it is ubiquitous; allowing for universal availability. But the computation requirement for Your-Marketing-Toolkit using Excel is such that only with advent of the most modern personal computers makes it feasible.

Your-Marketing-Toolkit relies on obtaining complete and broad market intelligence information. Marketing research techniques have been evolving over many decades. Presently the combination of online fielding methods, advances in metrics and in sampling has allowed for highly efficient methods for collecting extensive data.

Your-Marketing-Toolkit enables the use of strategic planning methods. Over the past several decades, new strategic planning methods or doctrines have evolved. They represent alternative perspectives of the market and market intelligence in order to provide strategic insight. These approaches include customer satisfaction methodologies and the Six Sigma doctrine, economic pricing and the new Blue Ocean Strategy approaches as well as many others. All are good doctrines. All rest on the analysis of marketing information. But none are universally complete in themselves. They are all intersupportive. Your-Marketing-Toolkit is designed to enable the use of most of these. It is the existence of these doctrines and the recognition that they rest on the same sets of market intelligence that allowed for the development of Your-Marketing-Toolkit.

Your-Marketing-Toolkit is the promise of marketing information driven decision support fulfilled. But it did not come out of these new capabilities by themselves. Its development required the ability to take advantage of these capabilities with a great deal of learning experience. This concept developed through the work and generosity of industrial clients and highly skilled professional analysts in an on-going effort to learn how to better obtain and use marketing intelligence.

Critical in its development was the merger of superior experience covering all three areas. It would have been insufficient to have skills in one or two of these areas. The immergence of Your-Marketing-Toolkit was the result of a collective creativity of both analyst-programmer and the working group of clients indicating what worked and what did not.