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Strategic Planning and Marketing Research Methods

Updated Spring 2012

Welcome to our Custom Decision Support, Inc. information center. On this site, a number of downloadable documents, which outline the methods and procedures used by Custom Decision Support, Inc. These notes and primers are intended to be explanations of the procedures available for strategically driven planning and marketing research. They are still in draft form and will be continuously updated. As such, they do not represent all possible techniques and methodologies but only those for which I either have experienced or have been able to draw from the personal experiences of individuals that I have confidence in.

Gene Lieb

Introduction to Marketing and Business Concepts for Analysis {pdf} Revised

This chapter is devoted to describing the concepts and models used to marketing decision making and data analysis. It is intended provide a review of the fundamental concepts of marketing research and business planning. It is designed to provide a glossary of terms that are used to describe the applications and methods discussed in the subsequent chapters. Finally it provides some guidance into the modern process of marketing survey research.

Methods in Attribute (Multivariate) Analysis {pdf} Revised

This chapter covers the traditional multivariate analysis of quantitative and analytical marketing research data. This is the traditional analysis for identifying segments, models, and marketing position. In this chapter, the various types of statistical tools are explored in respect to the applications

Methods in Communications and Psychometric Research {pdf} Revised

This chapter focuses on subjective tools for exploring the market. Here we focus on the various tools that are available to verify the marketing models as well as the issues within the market. In particular, advertising, communications, and semantic research methods are discussed.

Methods in Perceived Value Measurement {pdf} Revised

There has been significant effort to develop effective methods to measure the value of product features and to estimate optimum product design. This chapter reviews the various traditional methods such as full profile conjoint and the various alternatives. Statistical designs are provided for some of the techniques as well as examples and comparisons.

Methods of Pricing Research {pdf} Revised

Setting prices is almost always a key marketing problem. Perceived value methods can give non-competitive and artificial view of the overall price sensitivity of products. Techniques are discussed in this chapter price sensitivity estimates and optimum pricing in complex and competitive environments.

Methods in Customer Value and Technology Assessment {pdf} Revised

This chapter deals with both analytical forecasting methods and predicting the general structure of markets based on value estimation. Both dynamic and equilibrium type forecasting procedures are discussed. The "naive" market model is described with data illustrating its uses. The models include projections of new technology product sales, market share, price volume relationships, value distributions and value mapping.

Methods in Forecasting {pdf} Revised

This chapter focuses on value and technology assessment. Value is approach, in this chapter, from an engineering (value-in-use) perspective and from a market statistical approach. Technology is driven by both new capabilities and by the value derived from its applications. Value evaluation is, therefore, an integral part of technology assessment.

Methods of Strategic Planning {pdf} Revised

This chapter covers tools for the business strategic planning process. The various graphical and visualizing techniques are discussed as they apply to the overall planning process. The various auditing procedures are also discussed and outlined.

Methods of Developing Business Decision Support Systems and Models {pdf} Revised

This chapter explores the nature of designing and building marketing decision support systems. Various types of business decisions support systems are discussed in more detail than in the other chapters. The second half of this chapter is devoted to constructing these systems within Microsoft Excel.

Descriptions of Business Behavior by Jack Frey & Others {pdf}

This an accumulated set of notes developed by Jack Frey and others over several decades of analyses on the impact of business structures on profitability.  These analyses of business structures mostly based on the PIMS (Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy) Database.   It is an extensive analysis of the database as it was developed (over 700 pages).

Notes on a General Theory of Strategy {pdf}  

This is a accumulation of notes that represent an exploration into the nature of strategy as a planning process.  That activity is still on-going and the notes represent the present set of thought on the issues.  The purpose of these notes is to identify the common principles that structure the strategic planning process across different applications. (approximately 300 pages)..